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Schriften von Joseph Ratzinger/Benedikt XVI.
Thematische Auseinandersetzung mit dem Werk
Zur Person von Joseph Ratzinger/Benedikt XVI.
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Hier Hinweise auf fremdsprachige Literatur zu unseren Themen.
Im Aufbau.

Erscheinunungsjahr: 2016, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, ISBN: 978-88-209-9762-5.

Il presente volume contiene gli Atti del Simposio Internazionale svoltosi a Roma (19-20 novembre 2015) in occasione del decimo anniversario della pubblicazione della Deus caritas est, la prima enciclica di papa Benedetto XVI sull’amore cristiano

„Deus Caritas est“ so lautet der Titel eines neuen theologischen Sammelbandes zur ersten Enzyklika von Papst Benedikt XVI. Vom 19. bis 20. Novembers 2015 wurde in Rom eine Tagung anläßlich des 10. Jahrestages der Publikation von Deus caritas est veranstaltet. Der Leser findet hier wertvolle Textbeiträge und Wortmeldungen von namhaften Kirchenvertretern und profilierten Theologen. Übersetzungen in weitere europäische Sprachen sind in Arbeit.

Mary McCaugheyThe Church as Hermeneutical Community and the Place of Embodied Faith in Joseph Ratzinger and Lewis S. MudgeReihe: Religions and Discourse - Band 58

Erscheinungsjahr: 2015, Verlag Peter Lang, ISBN 978-3-0343-1829-7

This book adds new impetus to ecumenical theology by focusing on embodied faith or the contextual interpretation of Revelation. It does so through an exploration of the insights of Lewis S. Mudge and Joseph Ratzinger. Mudge advocates catholicity as a hermeneutic which embraces the contextuality of faith in local contexts, including Christian communities and the religious practice of those of other Abrahamic faiths. Through his use of semiotics and social theory, Mudge offers novel ways to interpret faith lived as redemptive existence.
Since for Joseph Ratzinger Revelation can never be fully confined to rational statements, it is nevertheless expressed in living praxis. This relates to his view of wisdom, Tradition, truth and the sensus fidei. Ratzinger focuses on embodied faith in Christian experience, the lives of the saints, New Ecclesial Movements and the plurality of different expressions of faith in synchronic unity.
This study encourages the reader to explore the Church as a sacrament of redemption through contextuality and embodiment. Through the writings of two authors with contrasting and yet complimentary approaches, it highlights the transformative potential of Christianity which can serve as a point of ecumenical learning.



Seán CorkeryA liberation ecclesiology? The quest for authentic freedom in Joseph Ratzinger’s theology of the church
Erscheinungsjahr: 2015, Peter Lang Verlag
ISBN 3-0343-1902-9

Freedom, one of the most potent ideals of the post-Enlightenment era, came to remarkable prominence in ecclesiology through the emergence of liberation theologies in the twentieth century. At the same time, Joseph Ratzinger - a German university professor - was appointed a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church and prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. His interaction with the pioneers of the liberationist movement led him to engage directly with the Christian understanding of freedom and its significance. As a result, his interest in freedom as a theological question expanded from the 1970s onwards.
This book explores whether the basis for a liberation ecclesiology can be attributed to Ratzinger in his own right. While the volume’s focus is ecclesiological, the author also gathers together many strands of Ratzinger’s core theological insights in an attempt to establish how he approaches an issue that is both provocative and highly topical.
Ratzinger is a controversial and engaging figure, and this book is essential reading for those who wish to understand how he deals with a theological topic of ongoing concern to society in general and the Catholic Church in particular.



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